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Business Development

We are constantly looking for opportunities to apply our business and clinical expertise to expand the potential impact of promising therapies and services for patients and families in need.

Digoxin Immune Fab (DIF)

As part of our commitment to advance the body of clinical research in maternal health, we have made a significant investment in the late-stage development program of an investigational therapy for the treatment of severe preeclampsia. In July 2015, AMAG entered into an agreement that grants an exclusive option to acquire the rights to an orphan drug candidate, digoxin immune fab (DIF), a polyclonal antibody being developed for the treatment of severe preeclampsia in pregnant women. This potentially life-threatening condition is a contributing factor in a significant number of preterm births in the U.S., yet no approved treatment options currently exist.1

Makena (hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection)

In November 2014, AMAG acquired Lumara Health and its product Makena because we saw the ability to apply our business and clinical expertise to potentially help more indicated patients and their providers access therapy as well as support tools and resources.

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Reference: 1. March of Dimes. Pregnancy Complications РPreeclampsia. Available at:\. December 2014. Accessed May 5, 2016.