About Us

AMAG is a pharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative products to patients with unmet medical needs.

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, we develop and deliver innovative medicines for complex yet under-treated health conditions across a range of therapeutic areas. We also work with patients and healthcare experts to break down barriers to care for the communities we serve through focused education and support programs.

We invest in promising therapies at various stages of development and advance them through the clinical and regulatory process to deliver new treatment options to patients.

Our Values:

  • Accountable
  • Collaborative
  • Transparent
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Results Focused

Corporate Principles:

Our company values provide an important framework for who we are and how we operate. AMAG is also committed to a set of corporate principles that guide how we pursue our business goals and deliver on our promise to patients and their families.

Our Corporate Growth Strategy:

GrowingBuildingTogether LogoOur values are foundational to the way we do business and are key to how we execute on our five year strategic plan 2015-2020: Growing, Building, Together. We take a patient-centric approach to continuing to grow our current products through meaningful investment in research to expand the utility of these products and a strong commitment to patients and support programs. In addition, we seek to build our product portfolio with additional therapeutics that could benefit from our business and clinical expertise. Finally, all of our plans rely on a talented and motivated team of employees who work together to make our plans a reality.