Our Commitment

to Communities

We are determined to make a meaningful difference in our communities.

We understand the importance of strengthening the communities in which we live and work, and we seek to do this through volunteering and collaborating on issues that affect the health and lives of the people we serve.

Our approach is to focus on solvable aspects of larger systemic challenges facing the patients and families we serve, and partner with experts and advocates from a range of backgrounds to identify and implement solutions.

Maternal and Newborn Health Inequities

Health inequities remain one of the most intractable barriers to better health for many of the mothers, newborns and families we serve.

We partner with leading maternal and minority health experts to identify and address barriers to better health caused by healthcare inequities. Together, we have conducted research to help healthcare providers communicate more effectively with African-American women about their risks for preterm birth and what steps they can take. We also created the Pregnancy and Baby Health Clearinghouse, an online resource featuring best-in-class programs and resources that support underserved women and their babies.

March of Dimes Partnership

We are engaged in a national partnership with March of Dimes to expand the model of group prenatal care called Supportive Pregnancy Care, which seeks to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies by supplementing traditional medical care with social support, health education and skill-building in a group setting with a team of clinicians.

Employee Volunteerism

We encourage our employees to share their passion, knowledge and time with community organizations that support the well-being of mothers, families, and caregivers. It is our hope that by focusing on volunteerism in these areas, our employees will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the experiences of the patients we serve, and help to ensure that their needs and the needs of their families are met.