Our Commitment

to Patients, Families and Providers

Our goal to support the health of patients and families goes beyond the therapeutics we provide. It extends to the education and support we develop in collaboration with health experts and advocates.

From disease awareness information to patient assistance to education and adherence support, our programs help empower patients and families to better understand and proactively manage their health.

Patient Assistance

We are committed to investing in patient assistance programs across our portfolio to help connect indicated patients and their healthcare providers to the information, resources and support they need to access our products and services in their time of need.

Makena Care Connection®

Our customer support center, Makena Care Connection, has established expertise in supporting patients by connecting eligible patients to a variety of support and assistance services. Through Makena Care Connection, we offer financial assistance for Makena® (hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection) with no upper-level income caps to qualifying patients who meet the indication. This assistance also applies toward copays, coinsurance and deductibles and offers Makena at no cost to eligible uninsured patients who meet the indication. More >

Makena @Home

Through Makena @Home, AMAG facilitates home administration of Makena® (hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection) by a trained healthcare professional through the payer-preferred home health agency. Home health administration of therapy is an important service for healthcare providers and indicated patients as it can help address logistical barriers to access for some patients. More >

AMAG Assist

We established AMAG Assist with the goal of helping to ensure that all indicated patients and their healthcare providers can obtain our therapies at the time of need. This reimbursement support program helps patients and providers understand the details of patient-specific health insurance coverage for our products and provides information on other sources of financial assistance for qualifying patients in need. More >

Newborn Possibilities Program®

For more than 20 years, the Newborn Possibilities Program has been supporting families with a qualifying medical need to help preserve their children’s newborn stem cells. By covering all costs for processing and storage for five years, the program enables a family and their healthcare provider to determine if a preserved stem cell unit could be used in future therapy. Over 6,000 families have enrolled in this program. More >

Patient Education and Support

We collaborate with recognized healthcare experts to develop education and support programs to empower patients and families to understand and proactively manage their health.

My Adherence Program™

The Makena Care Connection has established expertise in supporting eligible patients by connecting them to a variety of support services, including My Adherence Program, a support service offered through NurseWise®, a national nurse triage and health education provider, that educates patients on the importance of adhering to their medication as directed by their healthcare provider. More >

Growth You Can’t See

The Growth You Can’t See campaign supports and reinforces existing patient education by helping patients better understand their risks. For more information and resources, visit www.growthyoucantsee.com.

Family Health Registry™

We collect family health data through our CBR® Family Health Registry to help advance clinical understanding of disease and conditions that may be treatable with newborn stem cell therapy. More than 100,000 families have contributed data, with 15% of these families directly impacted by a condition that may one day benefit from regenerative medicine applications using newborn stem cells.1 More >


 Reference: 1. Data on file, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.