Research And Development


AMAG is committed to supporting researchers and healthcare providers expand clinical knowledge and understanding through research and education.

Investigator-Sponsored Research (ISR)

AMAG considers requests for support of ISR involving our marketed products and/or in our therapeutic areas of expertise. AMAG can decide to provide support in funding and/or the provision of drug. AMAG receives requests for ISR support regularly and will evaluate proposals based on their scientific merit, clinical relevance and unmet medical needs. Not all requests can be supported.

To request review/consideration of your ISR, please complete and submit the attached protocol synopsis form, provide a budget summary, the Principal Investigators’ CV, and send to Following submission of your application, a thorough review will occur generally within 30 days. We will then contact you to inform you of our decision, or to request additional information.

Click here for the ISR application form

Independent Medical Education (IME)

AMAG supports IME activities in our therapeutic areas of expertise to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, skills and professional performance of healthcare providers. To request review/consideration of your IME, please complete and submit the attached Independent Medical Education Form, and send to  Requests for funding of IME will be reviewed generally within 30 days.  Please include a summary of your request on your institutional letterhead accompanied by an IRS W9 form, Proof of Accreditation (ACCME, ACPE, or other) via certificate,  detailed budget, and tentative agenda. We will then contact you to inform you of our decision, not all requests can be honored.

Click here for IME Areas of Interest

Click here for IME Form

Annual Research Grants to Address Prematurity & Preeclampsia

Through our maternal health grants program, AMAG supports independent researchers making important strides in identifying ways to reduce preterm birth rates and associated complications. The company is pleased to announce that it will again be funding research grants in prematurity and preeclampsia in 2019 for a total of $300,000.

Interested applicants should click here to complete their submission.