Research And Growth

New Therapeutic Development

Too many patients and families continue to experience the effects of serious health conditions that have no currently available treatments or cures.

The studies in which we invest—from early-stage research to late-stage development—focus on advancing clinical understanding and potential future treatments for these unmet health needs.

Digoxin Immune Fab (DIF)

As part of our commitment to advance the body of clinical research in maternal health, we have made a significant investment in the late-stage development program of an investigational therapy—digoxin immune fab (DIF)—for the treatment of severe preeclampsia. This potentially life-threatening condition is a contributing factor in a significant number of preterm births in the U.S., yet no approved treatment options currently exist.1

Regenerative Medicine

Through CBR®, we conduct investigator-sponsored clinical trials focused on studying how newborn stem cells may play an important role in human healthcare, including for potential uses in treating conditions that have no cure today such as acquired hearing loss, autism, cerebral palsy and pediatric stroke.


Reference: 1. March of Dimes. Pregnancy Complications – Preeclampsia. Available at:\. December 2014. Accessed May 5, 2016.